Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nike 2010 National Team Kits

To my soccer peeps that I promised a post last week, here it is. Last week, at the 2010 Football Innovation Summit in London, Nike launched the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II alongside the jerseys that will be worn in this summer's World Cup.

Starting with the shoe, it's made out of super lightweight material and features adaptive traction technology. All in all, it's a really cool aesthetic but I have a major issue that i'll get to in a second.

Moving on to the uniforms, Nike came through again. The uniforms are fresh and stylish and only belong two places: on a soccer pitch or on a beautiful girl cheering on her team. Yes ladies, when it's done right, you can even look good in a soccer uniform. But in all seriousness, the new kits are professional and functional, but far from bland. I'm impressed with Nike's effort with this. I mean, even the socks are dope!

So what's my big qualm? Well the shoes don't freaking match the uniforms. USA, Korea and France have the best chance at making it work but the orange doesn't really work with the colour schemes. Brazil, South Africa and Mexico though, have absolutely no shot at looking cool in these shoes. I hope Nike drops some different colourways to match the uniforms or maybe I'm on a little bit of a high horse here. Basketball love matching their shoes with their uniforms; are soccer players the same way, or is it more about comfort and functionality than looking good on the field? Truth be told, I don't know, but I like what I see and I doubt Nike will let me down when the teams take their sides for that first game June 11th.

Shoe info via SlamxHype; uniform info via Freshness Mag

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