Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shepard Fairey "Mayday" Mural

You all know Shepard Fairey, you just may not know you know him. Mr. Fairey is most known for his famous cartoon-ish "HOPE" rendition of Barack Obama, but he's hardly a one-hit wonder. The American artist is the creator of Obey clothing, a brand whose pieces is largely based on Fairey's designs. He's also an accomplished artist.

His latest project can be seen above. It's a mural at Bowery & Houston in New York City entitiled "These Parties Disgust Me" and was created for the “May Day” show, which opens May 1st and is hosted by Deitch Projects.

Hit the jump for an interview with Fairey in which he discusses every aspect of the project and even touches on the new Banksy film. Picture by Wooster collective.

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