Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Morning: Vault by Vans x MLB Series

It's April, the weather this weekend in Toronto was pretty nice and the Major League Baseball 2010 season has officially started; Spring is here. To celebrate this last part, Vans has hooked up with select retailers in different cities to release very limited edition shoes featuring the logos of that city's teams. Each model is limited to 12 pairs and all go on sale this morning. Check out Hypebeast to see different views of each pair.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Old Skool LX for Blends

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Chukka LX for Proper

New York Mets Era LX for Premium Goods

Washington Nationals Authentic LX for Commonwealth

Atlanta Braves Authentic LX for Wish

Oakland A’s Chukka LX for Bows & Arrows

Chicago White Sox Chukka LX for St. Alfred

Boston Red Sox Authentic LX for Bodega

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