Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Morning: Ticking with Medea Vodka

This is slightly insane; it speaks about our culture in two ways: 1) spoken communication is turning into a novelty in our digital age and 2) we drink too much. Essentially this bottle represents the need for moderation. And on a less profound note, when you're done with the vodka in the bottle - which will take you less time to drink than actually programming these messages - can you get a re-fill or is that the end of the bottle's life? What are your opinions on this?

Seen at Core77

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  1. Soo...Any one else see no point to having a LED on a vodka bottle?
    I mean, its a good idea for lame proposals and counting shots but apart from that it seems like a hugeass waste. I don't even remember the last time I kept count of my drinks, and how many times does a guy propose in his life? Even if he's been through 18 wives, how many times could he use a message on a LED on a vodka bottle to do it?
    Also, when I'm drinking vodka I'm not going to want to sit with the bottle pressing one button for an hour trying to spell out something that won't even end up being funny. Quick math, if J Zelgs wants to spell out his last name he'd have to press that little fucker 82 times, not including the enter button.
    Obviously I had to check out the Medea site after reading this to see how they promote it, and oh boy did they do a stellar job.
    The caption on the homepage reads,

    and to capture the essence of poetry, philosophy and flirtation, they put "HI" on the bottle.